Kirsehir Nepheline


Our SB CELIK company ,Kırşehir-Akpınar Region product nepheline and wollastonite.

Nepheline Mining Facilities is located in Tatarilyas Yayla village of Kırşehir. In the facility field there are management department , R&D center and quality control laboratory.

For the purpose of raw material process and beneficiation ;
With the capacity of 600.000 ton/year Crushing-Screening Plant
With the capacity of 180.000 ton/year Beneficiation Plant
With the capacity of 80.000 ton/year Drying and Screening Plant
With the capacity of 100.000 ton/year Stockyard
The mining facility is 12 km away from the main road of Kırşehir-Ankara. Our working team consists of 65 persons including 7 mining engineer and 2 jeological engineer